Disclaimer: Medical Device in Development

This website contains information about a medical device that is currently in the development phase and has not yet received regulatory approval for marketing or commercial use. Please read the following disclaimer carefully before accessing any information on this website:

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  2. Limited Information: The information provided on this website is intended for informational purposes only. It may include descriptions, specifications, and potential benefits of the device. However, this information is subject to change as the development process progresses and more data becomes available.
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  9. Changes to Information: Information on this website may be updated or modified without notice. It is your responsibility to ensure you have the most up-to-date information.
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Forward Looking Statement

NeuroFieldz Inc looks forward to leveraging its advanced technological expertise to lead innovation in the medical device sector. Our strategic plan envisions a successful commercial launch of the revolutionary NeuroVEP system in the near future.

This website incorporates “prospective declarations” that adhere to the guidelines set by the Safe Harbor Provisions of the United States Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. These statements are predicated upon the existing beliefs and anticipations of the management at NeuroFieldz Inc and are susceptible to considerable risks and uncertainties.

There exist no assurances pertaining to pipeline products that these will garner the required regulatory approvals, or that they will manifest as commercially prosperous. If initial suppositions turn out to be incorrect or if risks or uncertainties actualize, the real results may deviate substantially from those projected in the prospective declarations.

Risks and uncertainties encompass, but are not limited to, universal industry conditions and rivalry; broad economic influences, inclusive of interest rate fluctuations and currency exchange rate variations; the ramifications of the regulatory structure within the medical device industry and healthcare legislation, both in the United States and on an international scale; worldwide tendencies toward healthcare cost containment; technological advancements, new products, and patents acquired by competitors; challenges intrinsic to the development of new products, inclusive of securing regulatory approval; the capability of NeuroFieldz Inc to accurately prognosticate future market conditions; manufacturing complications or postponements; fiscal instability of global economies and sovereign risk; dependency on the effectiveness of NeuroFieldz Inc’s patents and other protections for innovative products; and vulnerability to litigation, including patent disputes, and/or regulatory repercussions.

NeuroFieldz Inc does not undertake any responsibility to publicly revise any prospective declaration, regardless of whether it’s a result of new information, future occurrences or otherwise.